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Spirit of Liberty is “OCC’s Copper Chopper” in V-Twin

Statue of Liberty Bike in V-Twin Magazine

V-Twin magazine features the Spirit of Liberty motorcycle, and the five-page spread within highlights the bike’s construction by Orange County Choppers and appearance on the popular television program American Chopper. The article includes many images of the chopper’s incredible detail, from the incorporation of real Liberty copper and cables to symbolic imagery like a light-up torch on the DaVinci carburetor and Lady Liberty’s profile on the wheels.

“In the very special case of the Liberty Chopper, the term ‘one-off’ takes on historic proportions,” the author writes. “Commissioned by the Gold Leaf Corporation, which is involved in the restoration of the Statue of Liberty, this theme bike is literally clad in copper gleaned from the statue itself.”

The article also notes that the bike traveled to Tim McGraw’s concerts to raise funds for the Statue of Liberty’s restoration, and the author calls the bike itself “a national treasure.”

Statue of Liberty Bike in V-Twin Magazine

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