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Soleia Company™, founded in 1984 as Gold Leaf Corporation, is the exclusive authorized partner of the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation and the National Park Service responsible for extending Liberty's message of international unity, freedom and opportunity through commissioned works of art and other precious items.

Gold-Leaf-Logo-BWSoleia Company actively sought to collect artifacts that might otherwise have been discarded during the historic centennial restoration of the Statue of Liberty and the registration building on Ellis Island. These artifacts include the original copper from the Statue herself, as well as old growth timber, iron, brass, brick, glass, bronze and steel.

The name "SOLEIA" stands for "Statue of Liberty Ellis Island Ambassadors." Each member of the Soleia staff is seen as a personal ambassador in Liberty's service, as is every item produced from the original artifacts.



Statue of Liberty Armature BarsDuring the 1982 to 1986 centennial restoration of The Statue of Liberty National Monument, the armature system, designed by Gustave Eiffel, was completely replaced. The armature bars were individually hand-formed from iron and range from one foot to over ten feet in length. No two of  them are alike. Because of each bar’s uniqueness, they had to be removed one at a time using the original bar as a template to make the new stainless steel replacement bar.

Liberty Copper saddlesPreserved copper saddles were previously a part of The Statue of Liberty’s  armature system. Each copper saddle was specifically formed to wrap around an armature bar, which was then riveted to the copper skin of Miss Liberty.

From 1892 to 1954 over twelve million immigrants passed through the doors of Ellis Island seeking opportunity in a Free Land. The direct descendants of those people now represent over forty percent of America’s population today.

Liberty Copper sheets

Several tons of copper that previously made up the exterior facade and portions of the roof of The Great Hall Room of historic Ellis Island was preserved.

Processed Liberty Artifacts

Portions of Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island copper, brass and iron, have been processed into ingots and powders, which can be utilized to create “Liberty Gold” and other exclusive proprietary alloys and materials.

Over the years we have also developed copper foils and even a very special “ink” made from Statue of Liberty / Ellis Island Copper.




Pinky Gonzales

Richard Stocks is the founding father of Soleia Company. It was his vision to protect and repurpose Liberty's artifacts back in 1984 that made Soleia Company possible.

In his role as CEO, he is responsible for senior leadership on business and policy issues, and serves as liaison with The Statue of Liberty - Ellis Island Foundation, Inc. for all projects related to the use of Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island Artifacts. In addition, he leads the Liberty Enlightening the World Foundation, the non-profit division of our organization, in the management and evolution of the Liberty Ambassador program.


"To perpetuate the ideal and spirit of "Liberty Enlightening the World" through the preservation and display of artifacts from the restoration of The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island National Monument."